2019 Indoor Clients

The 2019 Indoor Season is finally here! I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of my clients for this season. Best of luck and skill to all of you!

Ancient City Ensemble (PIO)

Athens Drive HS (PSA)

BEATZ Percussion (PIA)

Bellbrook HS (PSA)

Bellevue East HS (WSO)

Broad River HS (PSA)

Campbell County HS (PSCO)

Carlisle HS (PSRA)

Chromium Winds (WIO)

Clinton Massie HS (PSCA)

FIU Percussion (PIO)

FIU Winds (WIW)

Forest Hills HS (PSA)

Hamilton HS (PSA)

Hatboro Horsham HS (PSA)

IMPACT Percussion (PIO)

INov8 Percussion (PIW)

Irondale HS (PSA)

Lawrence Township HS (PSO)

Lebanon HS (PSW)

Lehi HS (PSA)

Martin Luther King HS (PSA)

Mechanicsburg HS (PSA)

Miamisburg HS (WSO)

Northmont HS (PSA)

Olympic HS (WSA)

Rochester Lourdes (PIA)

Sycamore HS (PSA)

Tri-City Percussion (PIO)

Vincennes Lincoln HS (PSA)

Yorktown HS (PSA)

WGI 2018

It's WGI Percussion/Winds week! Congrats to all of the amazing clients, collaborators, and friends who we get to work with at Resonant Music Design. This year has definitely been fulfilling, and we can't wait to see all of our teams give it their all this weekend! Here is a list of all the #RMDsquad groups performing at WGI in prelims:


Percussion Prelims (4/19)

O.N.E. Percussion (PIA): 9:39am @ BB&T Arena

Ancient City Ensemble (PIO): 9:50am @ Hobart Arena

Dixie Heights HS (PSA): 10:33am @ Nutter Center

Lebanon HS (PSW): 10:44am @ UD Arena

IMPACT Percussion (PIA): 10:45am @ BB&T Arena

FIU Percussion (PIA): 11:12am @ BB&T Arena

Athens Drive HS (PSA): 11:31am @ Nutter Center

Orange County HS (PSO): 3:10pm @ BB&T Arena

Sycamore HS (PSA): 3:24pm @ Nutter Center

Lawrence Township (PSO): 4:00pm @ BB&T Arena

Bellbrook HS (PSA): 5:20pm @ Nutter Center

Irondale HS (PSA): 8:23pm @ Nutter Center

Milford HS (PSA): 9:30pm @ Nutter Center


Winds Prelims (4/21)

Miamisburg HS (WSO): 2:35pm @ Nutter Center

Chromium Winds (WIO): 3:25pm @ Nutter Center

FIU Indoor Winds (WIW): 5:49pm @ Nutter Center